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The 1975-1976 Bicentennial American Freedom Train
American Freedom Train
The 1971-1981 Auto-Train
Auto - Train
The 1974 Preamble Express
Preamble Express
The 1989-2009 American-European Express, Greenbrier Limited, American Orient Express and GrandLuxe Express
American Orient Express
The 1969 Golden Spike Centennial Limited
Golden Spike Centennial Limited
The 1947-1949 General Motors Train of Tomorrow
General Motors Train of Tomorrow
The 1947-1949 Freedom Train
Freedom Train
The 1977-1978 Chessie Steam Special
Chessie Steam Special
The 1949-1950 New York State Freedom Train
New York State Freedom Train
The 1980-1981 Chessie Safety Express
Chessie Safety Express
The 1939 Canadian Royal Train / Royal Tour
Royal Train
The 1949 French Merci Train / French Gratitude Train 40 et 8 Boxcars
Merci Train
The 1936 Rexall Train
Rexall Train
The 1978-1980 Canadian Discovery Train / La Decouverte
Discovery Train
The 1936 Cardinal's Train to the International Eucharistic Congress in Chicago
Cardinal's Train
The Last Great Circus Train
The Last Great Circus Train
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