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Links to all sorts of Themed Trains

General Links -- everything for the railfan!

Railserve -- a railroading forum. -- a vast assortment of railroad links, discussion boards and railroad web cams.


Yellow Ribbon Express

The Yellow Ribbon Express -- If you felt a sense of pride, awe or triumph with the running of The Golden Spike Centennial Ltd, Preamble Express, American Freedom Train, Chessie Steam Specials or the Chessie Safety Express, this project may hold something for you.


Artrain USA -- Fine art takes to the rails (well, road) for children and adults alike!

The American Freedom Train 1975-1976

Click here for American Freedom Train links

The American Orient Express / American European Express/ GrandLuxe Rail Journeys

American Orient Express -- Photos of the train and descriptions of the journeys.

The Australian Bicentennial Train - 1988

Monash University -- Photos of locomotive 3801 and the Bicentennial Train. And tons of other trains!

The Auto-Train 1971-1981

Click here for Auto Train links

The Celebrate the Century Express -- A comprehensive look at the CTC Express by our friends at -- Stan Feldman's pics hosted at -- Photos and souvenirs from the CTC Express.

The Canadian Confederation Train - Expo '67

Canadian Railway Hall of Fame -- A photo of the train and an mp3 file of the train's horn!

Expo 67 in Montréal -- A photo of the train appears on this tribute site. -- A tribute site to Expo '67 by DC Hillier.

Oro Decals made some beautiful HO decals for this train. Their website has been gone for some time. Does anyone have contact info? Email us!

The Canadian National Railway Museum Train

Oil-Electric -- Several postings about the CNR Museum Train.

The Chapel Cars

The Cardinal's Train - 1926

The Chessie Steam Specials -- Dean J. Heacock's pics hosted at

The Chessie Safety Express -- Photos of the Safety Express and locomotive 614.

Circus Trains

The Discovery Train / La Decouverte 1978-1980

Click here for Discovery Train links

The Freedom Train 1947-1949

Click here for Freedom Train links

The Friendship Train 1947-1948

The Friendship Train 1947 -- Dorothy Scheele's complete look at the Friendship Food Train to war-torn Europe.

Ames Historical Society -- A look at the Friendship Train and this Iowa town.

The Golden Spike Centennial Ltd - 1969

Click here for Golden Spike Centennial Limited links

The Louisiana Bicentennial Train - 2005

LASTA -- Photos LA Bicentennial Train.

The Marlboro Train / Marlboro Unlimited Train

The Merci Train / Gratitude Train - 1949

Click here for Merci Train links

The Napa Valley Wine Train

Napa Valley Wine Train -- The official site.

The New York State Freedom Train - 1950

The Orphan Trains

The Permacel Express & Springmaid Special

The Preamble Express - 1974

Click here for Preamble Express links

The Rexall Train - 1936

Click here for Million Dollar Rexall Streamlined Train links

The Royal Train - Canada 1939

Click here for 1939 Canadian Royal Train links

The Ski Train

The Tennessee Bicentennial Train

The Transcontinental Railroad

Moving the New Nation by Rail -- My Guys Moving & Storage has put together quite a collection of links about early US railroads, with a focus on the transcontinental railroad. Thanks to Celeste Hall and her son for bringing this site to our attention!

Moving West: The History of the Transcontinental Railroad -- Becky Harris authored this history of the railroad and included many links to further resources. Brought to our attention by Amy, a Delaware student in Ms. Ward's class.

Chinese Immigration and the Transcontinental Railroad -- The story of Chinese immigrants and the building of the railroad.

Union Pacific Golden Spike Car - 1969

Union Pacific Olympic Torch Train

Union Pacific Locomotive 4141


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