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The Merci Train
The Gratitude Train

The Merci Train -- -- Earl Bennett's exhaustive and well-illustrated tribute site to the 1949 Merci Train.

The Merci Train - A Big Thank You From France -- Earl Bennett's ~100 page book on his journeys across America seeking out the Merci Train boxcars and their contents.

The Railroad Press -- published a long magazine article on the Merci Train -- see back issue #43.

Forty-and-Eights -- from wikipeida.

Arizona: McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park -- Home of the Arizona Merci Train Boxcar.

Arizona: The Merci Train Room -- at the Arizona Capitol Museum. (scroll down)

Arkansas : The Merci Train -- from the Encyclopedia of Arkansas History & Culture.

Delaware : Merci Train Gifts -- in the holdings of the University of Delaware Library.

Delaware : Merci Train -- A personal blog with a nice entry about the Delaware Merci Boxcar.

Georgia : The Merci Train -- Merci Train exhibit at The Southern Museum.

Hawaii : The Hawaiian Railway -- home of the Washington DC/Hawaii Merci Train Boxcar.

Kansas : The Merci Train Gifts -- at the Kansas State Historical Society.

Louisiana : The Merci Train -- The LA Merci Train Boxcar in Baton Rouge.

Missouri : The Merci Train -- The MO Merci Train Boxcar in Sedalia. (scroll down)

Nevada : The Merci Train -- Restoration of the NV Merci Boxcar.

Nevada : The Merci Train -- Northern Nevada Then & Now -- a look at the NV Merci Train Boxcar at

Nevada : The Merci Train -- Holdings of the Nevada State Library and Archives.

Oregon : The Merci Train -- Moving the 40 & 8 Boxcar in 2006.

Oregon : The Merci Boxcars -- information on the WA and Oregon Merci Train Boxcars.

New Mexico : Merci Train Gifts -- in the holdings of the Socorro Public Library.

New York : Merci Train -- The 40 & 8 Merci Boxcar and its time at Rail City.

North Dakota : French Gratitude Train -- information from the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

Rhode Island : The Merci Train -- the Merci Boxcar in Woonsocket.

Rhode Island : The Merci Boxcar -- the story of the RI Merci Boxcar in Woonsocket.

Texas : Merci Train Boxcar -- the 40 & 8 site of the TX boxcar in Austin.

Utah : French Merci Train Gifts -- from the Utah State Archives.

Washington : The Merci Train -- information on the Washington and OR Merci Train Boxcars.

Wisconsin : The National Railroad Museum -- home of the Wisconsin Merci Train Boxcar.

Wyoming : The Merci Train Gifts -- part of the Wyoming State Museum Traveling Exhibits Program. (scroll down)

Wyoming : The Merci Train -- information on the 40 & 8 Boxcar in Cheyenne. (scroll down)

Wyoming : The Merci Train -- information on the Boxcar in Cheyenne.

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